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Precall Room Attendee Specific Dial-In

Utilizing Dial-In

Utilizing Dial-In In this article we break down the vTestify dial-in system, comparing the difference and benefits of the Attendee-specific Pin and the General Pin. Please note that the attendee-specific QR code is always accessible from both the recall room as well as the deposition room. Accessing the Attendee Specific Pin Only the attendee-specific pin …

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Reporter’s Guide: Running a Deposition

We are excited to announce the start of the vTestify webinar series. This webinar is designed to train Court Reporting teams and educate clients about the vTestify Reporter platform while introducing best practices for remote depositions. Our team focuses on ensuring a reporters’ success when conducting remote depositions on the vTestify Reporter platform and is …

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Are you conducting a video deposition or a video conference?

We have quickly adopted a remote lifestyle in the wake of COVID-19; universities have moved to fully remote classrooms, companies are limiting in-office personnel, and even attorneys must maintain case continuity by conducting remote discovery. With the move to remote being a knee jerk reaction for most we are now realizing that something was missed. …

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Introducing vTestify DepoSync

vTestify is excited to introduce DepoSync, the easiest way to capture, sync and store your video testimony. Synced video transcript files offer an incredibly powerful tool for litigation attorneys to efficiently read and review transcripts while seeing the witness respond on video at the same time. Nonverbal facial expressions from video allow you to read …

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Still stuck shipping Exhibits?

US Postal service, FedEx, or UPS; Which one will deliver your exhibits with the greatest speed and ease? The answer: None of the above. In the age of email, facetime, and smart devices, digital documents are both more reliable and have greater accountability than any mail courier could. Rather than preparing a document shipment vTestify allows …

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Protective Order to prevent Video Deposition

In some cases, counsel and the opposition are agreeable. In other’s, that may not be the case. In HsingChing Hsu v. Puma Biotechnology, California Central Court Case 8:15-cv-00865, we find the opposition having to ask Judge Andrew J. Guilford for a protective order. The Latham & Watkins defense team wanted to move forward with audio …

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Is Herding Cats more difficult than Scheduling a Deposition?

There’s a new witness that needs to be deposed… You have to call the opposing counsel and find out: Where are they? Do they need to travel? When are they available? How long will they be available for? But wait; Does that match up with the deposing attorney’s schedule? What about the witness? What is …

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