Built-in MP3 Audio

One of the most important parts of remote depositions is the audio itself. The vTestify platform records high-definition audio, with server side noise suppression so the audio is of the best quality possible. The platform also generates an MP3 version of the recording once the proceeding has been ended, this removes the issue of converting an MP4 video file into MP3 through software for court reporters. The platform also has audio redundancy built-in providing the reporter the ability to use the audio only function of the platform to get an audio backup for review quickly and easily if the proceeding is not noticed as being video recorded. Court reporters commonly record an audio backup of the proceeding, this work product creates redundancy which is always a best practice, the platform ensures that if anyone, including the reporter, gets disconnected the built-in recording will not be stopped and the files will not be lost. The top right corner also gives an indication of what is being recorded, whether video or audio. This is to help all that are in the room to feel confident on what is being recorded, and what is not being recorded. The MP3 audio goes along with the many customizations that are possible for a legal proceeding on the vTestify platform, this allows the platform to be tailored to any legal proceeding quickly and easily.

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