Utilizing The Tech Tools Available: The Importance of Training

In the age of technology, the amount of tools available can be vast, and that is no different in the legal industry. Court reporting agencies and law professionals both utilize tools to do their daily work, whether that be CAT software to create a transcript, video editing tools to create videos of depositions, or syncing tools to sync transcripts to videos in preparation to go to trial. When most think of tools, they imagine their tools box at home, full of items like hammers, drills, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Technology is much the same, with various tools for various purposes. With that understanding, knowing how to use those tools is just as important as having them in the first place. A drill or wrench being used by someone who doesn’t know how to use them properly most commonly will be inefficient, but can also stop the user from being able to accomplish the job. Technology is the same, if someone has a tool that they are not trained on, utilization can be inefficient or stop the completion of a job entirely.


Another key factor in getting a job done, is choosing what tools to use. Throughout history innovation has occurred in many different industries, to increase efficiency and ease of use. The court reporting industry is no different. In 2020 the industry was changed dramatically during the pandemic because of the need for remote proceedings. Many rushed to general video conferencing platforms and made due with the tools that they were familiar with, but the results were not great. The reporting firms that had already started utilizing all-in-one solutions had better results and were able to utilize the innovative technology that was available. vTestify was one of the all-in-one solutions that started development before the pandemic hit. Today the industry is learning that general video conferencing is not great for legal proceedings but are reluctant to learn new tools. That is where vTestify comes in.

Training on how to use a tool is just as important as the tool itself. vTestify has tried and true onboarding for newly partnered reporting firms, continuous training, live training guides, and an advanced knowledge base along with  providing an innovative platform that increases efficiency and is focused on the importance of ease of use. These things all combined make the tools available even more efficient and effective for attorneys and reporting firms alike.

When considering new tools for use, it is important to learn how to use that tool. Using a hammer, for instance, seems like a fairly simple thing to do but many don’t know the basics of using a hammer but are able to use the tool most of the time. The hammer is not always the best tool for the job though, for instance most roofers will not use a hammer to finish the roof, they will use a nail gun of some sort. Learning how to use a nail gun is fairly simple, the tool is more efficient than a hammer, and arguably easier to use. The same goes for completing a legal proceeding. General video conferencing may work in some instances but sharing exhibits, stamping exhibits, recording the video and audio, collecting and organizing deposition assets, and scheduling can quickly become complicated and time consuming efforts.

vTestify is similar to the nail gun in this example. Scheduling is quick, easy, and customizable with direct invites and sharable links. Inside of the deposition room, uploading, sharing, stamping, annotating, and navigating the exhibits is very efficient and easy to understand. Intuitive controls and everything being on one screen makes the time used in questioning more efficient and easier. When the proceeding is ended, the assets are easy to access while remining secure. The task of emailing final exhibits back and forth is practically eliminated, granting and removing access is just one click, and the platform automatically stores all of the various assets securely in one place with one single login. This is innovation, going from a slow process with ad-hoc tools and adapting general tools to purpose built tools that increase efficient and are easy to use.

vTestify combines the best tool for the job with training and onboarding to ensure that not only are you using the a tool that is purpose built for the job, but that you also know exactly how to use it.

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