vTestify Video Popout

In same room depositions selecting your seating, your view of the proceeding can impact the flow of the proceeding and the details of witness/counsel interaction. 

vTestify has multiple ways for attendees to customize their view, allowing them to have the “power position” within their remote deposition. By leveraging our unlimited video pinning, users can highlight and order the participants who they would like to see highlighted. For the power users with multiple video monitors, pop-outs can be leveraged to have an entire screen dedicated to the witness’s video or customized to include as many participant video windows as desired. This in-depth video control is not available on any other platform and provides attorneys a unique remote deposition experience. 

All of this and more was recently covered on our latest platform updates webinar. For a brief overview of our video popout feature and other platform content, please watch the video and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscriber to our vTestify – YouTube!

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