The "Continue as Guest" Feature

Remote depositions need to be simple to setup and easy to join; the vTestify sharable link allows for fast and easy joining, quick account creation, and even the “Join as Guest” feature.

Joining a proceeding as a guest allows users to bypass the account creation or login process; this feature is valuable for one-time deposition attendees who do not need account-based features, e.g. a deposition witness, or third-party participant. We specifically built this feature to meet the needs of our court reporting partners, developing it from user feedback. Join as guest does have two key limitations. First, guests cannot upload exhibits; they can see and interact with exhibits that others share in the proceeding. Second, guests cannot access deposition assets once the proceeding is complete. As they do not have an account they are unable to log into the deposition review page where participants may be granted access to deposition video(s), exhibits, and other assets. 

All of this and more was recently covered on our latest platform updates webinar. For a brief overview of our Continue as Guest feature and other platform content, please watch the video and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our vTestify – YouTube!

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