2022: A Year in Review

As we look back on the past year of vTestify product development, we are proud to have made several significant updates and releases. Our team has worked hard to bring new features and improvements to our platform, and we are thrilled to share a summary of what we’ve accomplished in 2022.

This past year we released 38 product updates, completing a total of 276 enhancements. These updates included a wide range of new features, but we’ll highlight some of the more noteworthy below:

Video Conferencing: We improved our video conferencing capabilities by adding the ability for users to set microphone and camera preferences when joining the depo room so that they enter a proceeding in their preferred state. We added a background blur feature, so that their video view is focused solely on them. We also included an indicator on the video window that shows which user and when a user is being recorded.  You now have the ability to enable or disable system audio from within the proceeding space.

Exhibit Management: We made several updates to our exhibit management system, including the ability to create a case structure and link depositions to it. We also made it possible for users to access clean copies of exhibits across linked depositions in a case, and organized case exhibits by the group in the exhibit list. In addition, we improved the annotation experience for the witness role.

ScriptSync / Testimony Review: We released updates to our ScriptSync and testimony review features, including post-depo testimony review synced to video, synced bookmarks, performance improvements, and Phoenix engine support.

First Mile: We added several new features to our First Mile system, including the ability for users to request to join invite-only depositions, and the ability to join a depo even if there are device errors or no devices. We also improved error messaging for any First Mile issues and allowed guest accounts to be upgraded to personal accounts in the depo room.

Scheduling: We introduced an automated scheduling API and automatic Co-Host designation for Organization users joining with a shareable link. We also made editing attendee settings in the depo room easier, added the ability to cancel depositions, and redesigned and improved scheduling emails.

In addition to these updates, we also introduced WalkMe guided platform walkthroughs, upgraded platform analytics, and Beta support for the Safari browser. On our iOS platform, we added support for viewing Direct to Page updates, made it possible for iOS users to be captured on ScriptSync, updated portrait mode, and added support for viewing screen share.

We are grateful for the support of our customers and users, and we look forward to continuing to bring new and improved features to the vTestify platform in the coming year. Thank you for choosing vTestify, and here’s to a successful and productive 2023!

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Anthony brings over 6 years of customer support experience, along with a background in IT, Web Design, Graphic Design, and beta testing to the team.

2022: A Year in Review

2022: A Year in Review As we look back on the past year of vTestify product development, we are proud to have made several significant updates and releases. Our team

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