Ease of Use

Exhibit Management

Pre-Stamping Exhibits

Pre-Stamping Exhibits vTestify’s in-room exhibit stamping tool has been labeled a “gamechanger” by many of our users.  Not having to worry about marking exhibits post-proceeding has created a better workflow, saving time and resources to our partners.  However, our team is always looking to innovate and make the litigation process easier for remote and hybrid

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vTestify’s “First Mile” Experience

vTestify’s “First Mile” Experience For a witness being deposed, an opposing counsel joining a deposition on a new platform, or a taking attorney preparing/uploading exhibits ease of use is key. A complex platform or process will take a highly sensitive or stressful situation to a breaking point easily.  The vTestify “First Mile” is a combination

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Remote Proceedings, Back to the Office, and Firewalls

What the return to the office means for Virtual Legal Proceedings The return to the office brings many positives, direct colleague engagement and onsite support to name a few, however with a significant percentage of the workforce remaining remote new security practices and policies must be considered when participating in remote proceedings.  The Return to

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vTestify Platform Video

vTestify Platform Video Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin High quality, easy to use remote video tools have become a staple in virtual proceedings. With attorney’s and court reporters needing to focus on the proceeding, not the technology, vTestify makes attending these matters simple.  Some features that differentiate vTestify from generic video

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