vTestify is

Built For Legal

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Designed for legal proceedings such as mediations, depositions, and pre-trial testimony, vTestify ensures a safe and effective method of capturing virtual legal proceedings. 

Our all-in-one platform encompasses the best practices of the legal industry while matching the workflows that are already in place. 

Easy to Use

Intuitive sign-in and set-up for all parties within a fully cloud environment

Purpose Built

All-inclusive platform combining video attendance and exhibit management

Safe and Secure

Industry standard end-to-end encryption ensures your virtual proceeding is safe and secure

We Make Virtual Proceedings Easy!

vTestify can help ease the burdensome internal workflow that can be slowed down by scheduling and implementing multiple technologies often used to host a singular proceeding. We’re a company that focuses on our clients’ needs, not just in the current moment, but also downstream.

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vTestify in Action

Watch the vTestify demonstration video to learn more about our technology or request a demo below.

Cloud Platform
With cloud redundancy and speaker isolation, the platform enables remote proceedings and provides immediate access to the recorded video and stamped exhibits.
Everything needed to run and manage a legal proceeding on a single configurable platform that matches legal workflows, reduces process bottlenecks, and streamlines scheduling.
We provide encrypted streaming, network protection, encryption at rest, and secure storage that meet legal industry needs and compliance regulations.
Your secure and intuitive virtual proceeding platform can be used today. Live telephonic support is available to all users if a technical question arises, and the intuitive interface requires little to no training.

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