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vTestify is an all-in-one purpose-built legal platform that allows for an easier digital user experience that can strengthen a proceeding beyond the status quo. The platform allows users to access all the tools needed to take virtual and hybrid proceedings using our cloud-based platform, accessible with a single, secure link.

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As the leading purpose-built remote deposition platform, we’re obsessed with innovation and how it can help serve our customers. We listen to our customers and design solutions for legal proceedings, including:

See why court reporters and attorneys feel that vTestify is the optimal remote deposition experience.

Cloud Platform
With cloud redundancy and speaker isolation, the platform enables remote depositions and provides immediate access to the recorded video and stamped exhibits.
Everything needed to run and manage a legal proceeding on a single configurable platform that matches legal workflows, reduces process bottlenecks, and streamlines scheduling.
We provide encrypted streaming, network protection, encryption at rest, and secure storage that meet legal industry needs and compliance regulations.
Your secure and intuitive virtual proceeding platform can be used today. Live telephonic support is available to all users if a technical question arises, and the intuitive interface requires little to no training.