Remote Video Attendance

Virtual Depositions Are Here to Stay!

Video testimony creates a better piece of evidence when compared to a standalone transcript. In addition to capturing the spoken word, video evidence also captures body language and voice inflection. This innovative virtual deposition video technology enables lawyers to convey their presence to the witness, effectively triggering and recording the intended emotional or physical responses. vTestify’s video pop-out also allows for additional customization to get as close to a face-to-face interaction as possible when remote. 

One of the many challenges attorneys face in the remote world is having to use multiple programs to facilitate the same outcome: a successful remote deposition. vTestify’s legal proceeding platform makes it easy to capture testimony, with built-in HD recording and industry standard noise suppression.

Our purpose-built platform makes going on the record quick and easy, with the click of a button you are on the record,  the rest of the work is done automatically. Some of the features include automatic on-record time tracking, audio redundancies, a variety of recording options, and easy-to-access deposition assets available after the proceeding is complete.

Going on the record

Fully Virtual Deposition and Hybrid Solutions

vTestify provides seamless virtual attendance for proceedings, creating as close to a same room experience as possible via our easy-to-use platform.  Participating in a virtual deposition is so simple and feels like you are in the same room.

Fully Remote
Hybrid Remote

With vTestify, you can have up to 50 simultaneous video streams that can be accessed by you and other parties, joining everyone in one remote deposition room.  Attorneys who are attending have the ability to prepare and present digital exhibits and apply an industry-standard exhibit stamp.