Scriptsync and Testimony Review

Testimony review is one of the most impactful updates the vTestify has recently added to the platform. This feature integrates the powerful speech diarized audio capture of ScriptSync with the video of the deposition. This addition enables attorneys to quickly review their deposition, bookmark important portions of the proceeding, and write deposition summaries when necessary. This is a wonderful asset that court reporting firms can provide to eager clients while the reporter prepares a rough or final draft. This is also a useful tool for court reporters as they prepare that final transcript, as the speech diarized audio allows them to cut through cross talk and clearly hear each participant through the duration of the deposition.

All of this and more was recently covered on our latest platform updates webinar. For a brief overview of our video post-deposition testimony review and other platform content, please watch the video and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscriber to our vTestify – YouTube!

Picture of Ashley Springer

Ashley Springer

Ashley has over 6 years of customer service and court reporting experience. She has worked with court reporting firms and top litigators both nationally and internationally.