Reesa Parker Industry Interview - Part 4

Reesa Parker

Reesa is a Certified Realtime Reporter and a Past President National Court Reporters Association President.

Why vTestify

Each of our Partners sees benefits in using a purpose-built legal all-in-one platform. GPS is one of those partners, stating “vTestify is the platform of choice for GPS.” The flexibility and secure user-friendly platform truly benefits legal professionals. But vTestify is not just focused on building an industry leading platform, the company also takes very seriously our mantra of “Customer First”.  Reesa confirms this focus, stating “I would say the strongest feature of the vTestify platform is the support behind it.” To learn more and hear from industry expert Reesa Parker, watch the full interview here.

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Anthony Hadad

Anthony Hadad

Anthony brings over 6 years of customer support experience, along with a background in IT, Web Design, Graphic Design, and beta testing to the team.


Reesa Parker Industry Interview – Full

Reesa Parker Industry Interview – Full Reesa Parker The President of RevoText LLC (, co-founder of GPS LLC (, a Certified Realtime Reporter, and a Past President of the National Court Reporters Association.

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