Welcome to vTestify

As the leading purpose-built virtual deposition platform, we’re obsessed with innovation and how it can help serve our customers. In listening to you, our customers, we have re-envisioned the vTestify experience, including:

All this, and more, makes the new vTestify  exactly what Court Reporters and attorneys envision a remote deposition solution should be.

Innovation for the Future of Remote Depositions

vTestify eliminates the need for ad-hoc solutions, while simplifying workflows from start to finish.

  • Depositions and legal proceedings can be scheduled in minutes
  • Access to the deposition room is granted right away
  • Exhibits can be uploaded ahead of time or during the proceeding
  • Sharable link can be turned on with a click
  • Joining as a guest makes joining easy for third parties and observers
  • Annotations are built-in along with stamping for simple workflows
  • Deposition assets can be accessed quickly, all while being encrypted end-to-end taking away all the worry about unsecure sharing for sensitive evidence.

All of this is in a pre-built platform that’s ready to go

Video conferencing Re-Envisioned

vTestify goes above and beyond expectations delivering high definition video conferencing with up to 50 HD video participants. With the ability to pin multiple attendees to the top of the screen, close the exhibit panel for a seamless gallery view, pop-out individual videos, and see all videos in 16:9 aspect ratio giving each attendee a customized view. The re-envisioned vTestify platform also has enhanced noise cancellation, audio prioritization, and increased sound quality to ensure a superior virtual deposition experience.

vTestify Connect iPhone

Optimized for mobile devices

Testimony can be captured from virtually anywhere, with our full featured WebApp, compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.  The WebApp can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices.  vTestify shines above the competition by being versatile for all devices. Our server side optimization also means that audio and video are of the highest quality, even when on a mobile device. 

Join Virtually by video

view live exhibits seamlessly

Experience the optimized UI

Hybrid Remote Has
Never Been Easier

The legal industry has adapted to the notion that remote proceedings are here to stay, but hybrid remote proceedings are becoming more common and vTestify is made for easy setup.

  • The Pre-call room makes it easy to confirm your configuration
  • Quickly change audio and video sources is simple within the deposition room
  • Noise suppression and high quality dial in ensure that audio is always top notch

All-in-One and Built-for-Legal

vTestify combines high-definition video conferencing, secure exhibit management, and an AI assistant to the reporters and attorneys on a diverse platform that can be utilized on computers and mobile devices.

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Mobile Devices Video Conferencing Exhibit Management ScriptSync

Mobile Devices

Our iOS application is available on the App Store, allowing iPhone and iPad users quick access to their proceedings. The vTestify platform is a fully functional WebApp that supports Android and other mobile devices through Google Chrome.

Video Conferencing

vTestify provides seamless virtual attendance for proceedings, creating as close to a same room experience as possible via our easy-to-use platform. With up to 50 HD video attendees, secure dial-in, and improved server-side noise suppression; we make seeing, hearing, and capturing testimony a seamless expierence.

Exhibit Management

vTestify’s remote exhibit management system makes it easy for court reporters and attorneys to upload, preview, share, stamp, and annotate digital exhibits. All annotations are saved automatically and exhibit controls ensure that the exhibit owner maintains control over annotations and mark-ups.


vTestify ScriptSync is an AI-powered speech-to-text assistant that acts as a confidence monitor while creating audio redundancy through multi-channel recordings. Difficult audio and crosstalk can be eliminated with this powerful tool, as each audio feed is recorded individually in short snippets. The tool is also keyword searchable, making navigation quick and easy, and improving workflows for all attendees.