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Scriptsync and Testimony Review

Scriptsync and Testimony Review Testimony review is one of the most impactful updates the vTestify has recently added to the platform. This feature integrates the powerful speech diarized audio capture of ScriptSync with the video of the deposition. This addition enables attorneys to quickly review their deposition, bookmark important portions of the proceeding, and write …

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vTestify Realtime Integration

vTestify Realtime Integration vTestify has been working diligently to implement impactful integrations into the platform that bring value to its users. The first iteration of these integrations is the addition of a realtime tab. This tab brings CaseViewNet into the deposition room to provide users with a familiar realtime experience without the need to have …

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vTestify Video Popout

vTestify Video Popout In same room depositions selecting your seating, your view of the proceeding can impact the flow of the proceeding and the details of witness/counsel interaction.  vTestify has multiple ways for attendees to customize their view, allowing them to have the “power position” within their remote deposition. By leveraging our unlimited video pinning, …

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Dial In

Advanced Deposition Dial-In

Advanced Deposition Dial-In Dialing into a deposition is nothing new, telephonic depositions used to be the remote standard; so how has vTestify raised the bar when it comes to dial-in? The vTestify platform has supported dial-in for years, however we have recently adopted a common post pandemic workflow, the QR code. Restaurants across the nation …

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The “Continue as Guest” Feature

The “Continue as Guest” Feature Remote depositions need to be simple to setup and easy to join; the vTestify sharable link allows for fast and easy joining, quick account creation, and even the “Join as Guest” feature. Joining a proceeding as a guest allows users to bypass the account creation or login process; this feature …

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The vTestify Resource Center

The vTestify Resource Center On our latest platform webinar, the vTestify team discussed our newly launched resource center. This tool allows users to quickly troubleshoot, look up platform features, and even access brief tutorials on the platform.  The resource center is built and updated by our internal support team, leveraging the same knowledge that they …

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Navigating National Regulations

Navigating National Regulations (and compliance requirements) HIPPA is only one of 26 state regulations that law firms and other legal institutions must be aware of. With the implementation of the New York SHIELD Act and California’s CCPA; many are left wondering how to navigate these regulations and adapt to future compliance requirements making their way …

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Remote Security Tips & Best Practices

With the shift to remote becoming a permanent change (or at least a new option) for many companies, remote workers now face greater security concerns. In part two of our Remote Law webinar hear from cybersecurity experts about: The importance of securing your physical work space Password best practices and why length is key Why …

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What Happens after you click on a Phishing link?

Many of us have seen obvious phishing scams and we all know someone who has fallen prey to one; if you don’t know what a phishing attack is or would like to learn more about what happens if you follow that link, watch part one of our Remote Law webinar. Join Keith Mattox, Founder of …

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Law and Technology

Remote Law: Security Tips and Legal Compliance Trends

Have you ever wondered what happened once you click on a phishing link? Perhaps you’d just like to get security tips from security experts? The vTestify team has covered all of that while also reviewing legal compliance trends. Watch Keith Mattox, Founder of Clinical Security, Dave Newell, Founder of Loptr, and Ray Hadad as they …

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