We Are Excited to Share the Launch of vTestify Connect!

vTestify Connect iPad
vTestify Connect

Attend virtual depositions and other legal proceedings with a platform built for legal. By combining secure video conferencing, exhibit sharing, and private sidebar communication, everything you need for your next remote deposition or virtual legal proceeding is now available in one integrated platform, vTestify Connect on iOS.

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Join Virtually by video

With just a click, join your virtual legal proceeding or remote deposition from your mobile device

view live exhibits seamlessly

View and follow along with the exhibit that is being presented; see annotations as they are made

Navigate the Intuitive UI

Everything you need for your next virtual deposition is now available on one integrated platform; the easy to use and intuitive design makes attending a virtual proceeding simple

Download from the app store

Visit the App Store today and search for "vTestify Connect" or follow the link below on your iOS device

vTestify Connect iPhone
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How do switch between fullscreen video to the live exhibit view?
To change the view from video only to the live exhibit view, select the "Exhibits" icon. This can be toggled back and forth for switching between video only and the live exhibits view.
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Are live annotations available on iOS?
Yes, annotations can be seen instantly on the iOS application. To make annotations, you must use a desktop or laptop computer and have the proper permissions granted by the exhibit owner.
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How do exhibits work on iOS?
On iOS you will be able to see exhibits shared on the record and navigate through the documents. To share exhibits a laptop or desktop is currently required.
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Can I join a sidebar room?
Yes, sidebars are available when off record; these are secure and private conference rooms. Participants on desktop and laptop computers can lock sidebar rooms for those attending via iOS.