vTestify ScriptSync is a deposition smart assistant that acts as a testimony review tool while creating audio redundancy through multi-channel recordings. The ScriptSync fly-out lives inside of the platform, and is keyword searchable, making navigation quick and easy, while improving workflows for attendees. 

  • ScriptSync, a smart assistant, records each individual attendee in their own channel
  • Speech diarization allows the easy isolation of each attendee’s audio
  • Speech-to-text technology assists the reporter in searching for key sections of the record to review

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ScriptSync is a deposition smart assistant tool that can be used to review testimony and more. The keyword searchable smart assistant allows you to easily find audio from the testimony and play it back with a simple click. It is also helps to reduce crosstalk, by recording each attendee individually. 

This is a cloud asset, and as such, it cannot be exported. While the text accuracy is not that of a stenographer, it can help make a reporter’s job easier; rather than asking an attendee to repeat themselves, ScriptSync can play their audio back. Once the deposition is complete ScriptSync is also accessible and synced with the video. This provides the reporter additional assistance in reviewing their final work product. Additionally, it is particularly helpful for those expedited transcripts, or when reviewing areas where difficult audio/crosstalk occurred.

With easing workflows as our goal, ScriptSync was built with legal professionals in mind. By combining the already innovative tools in vTestify, with the power of ScriptSync, legal professionals have the ability to stand above the competition. 

While speech-to-text technology has been viewed as a way to replace court reporters, vTestify’s ScriptSync was produced with the court reporter in mind.  Viewed as the in-room smart assistant, ScriptSync takes the power of this technology and puts it into the hands of its users, recording short snippets of audio through separate audio channels known as speech diarization.  The transcriptions provide a searchable method for replaying audio files that may have been misheard or lost during cross talk or with background noise.  Being able to replay a specific question or answer during a deposition is a tool many users have labeled a “gamechanger.”