Welcome to the Quick Start Guide

The step by step guide to joining your virtual legal proceeding is below

Step 1: Devices and Browsers

Joining from a Computer

To join from a computer, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are required.

Note: a computer includes Mac and Windows devices

Download Chrome

Download Microsoft Edge

Joining from a Mobile Device

We also support mobile devices such as Android and iOS

Note: Android devices will work through Google Chrome

Learn more about iOS

Download the iOS application

Step 2: Joining a Proceeding 

Creating an Account

Joining by email invitation

Click the “Join Deposition” link in the invite email.  You will need to create an account and sign in. 

Video showing how to join from email

Joining by sharable link

Open the link in a supported browser. You may then create an account and sign in. 

How to create an account 

Joining as a Guest

The “Join as Guest” option is only available when joining by sharable link, and requires a first and last name.

Note: guest accounts will not allow the uploading or sharing of exhibits.

Note: Once inside the room you can still create an account for exhibit upload without leaving the room, select “create an account” in the top right of the deposition room to do so. 

Step 3: Browser Permissions and Pre-call Room

Granting Browser Permissions

Prior to entering the proceeding, a prompt will pop-up requesting permission to access your camera and microphone. Grant access by clicking allow.

Click here for more information on granting permissions.

The Pre-call Room

The pre-call room allows you to preview your video, change video sources, check your microphone, change microphone sources, and check that all permissions have been granted before joining the proceeding room


Thank you for viewing our quick start guide, for technical support please call 919-925-3300. If you have a scheduling concern or  other, non technical issue, please reach out to your court reporting firm directly. 

Our publicly available knowledge base provides step by step instructions and solutions to the most common remote proceeding issues. 

Visit our knowledge base here