Pre-Stamping Exhibits

vTestify’s in-room exhibit management stamping tool has been labeled a “gamechanger” by many of our users.  Not having to worry about marking exhibits post-proceeding has created a better workflow, saving time and resources to our partners.  However, our team is always looking to innovate and make the litigation process easier for remote and hybrid legal proceedings.  Our newest feature, pre-stamping exhibits, has been created to do just that. 

Pre-stamping exhibits has been one of our most requested features on our roadmap.   Rather than waiting until the day of the proceeding to stamp exhibits, they can now be uploaded and stamped beforehand.  This saves time and energy during the proceeding, allowing the users to focus more on questioning and listening to the witness testify regarding the documents.  Moreover, the ability to annotate a document beforehand is also available through the same process.

To pre-stamp an exhibit, a user needs to login to the vTestify platform and upload their exhibits.  Once the exhibits have been uploaded to their exhibit list, click the context menu (3 vertical dots) to the left of the exhibit they wish to pre-stamp.  Select “Private View” from this menu and scroll up to see the selected exhibit privately.  The stamp feature will be available just above the exhibit.  Simply click “Stamp” choose your label, click “Apply to Exhibit” and the exhibit will be stamped.  Once created, simply close the exhibit, and move on to the next one.  This quick and easy-to-use exhibit management process is just one of the ways we are looking to save our clients and their end-users time and energy and increase productivity. 

Exhibit Management
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Andre Rojas

Andre Rojas is the Director of Virtual Solutions at vTestify. He brings his 14 years of experience in the court reporting field and is responsible for maintaining operational excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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