What the return to the office means for Virtual Legal Proceedings

The return to the office brings many positives, direct colleague engagement and onsite support to name a few, however with a significant percentage of the workforce remaining remote new security practices and policies must be considered when participating in remote proceedings. 


The Return to the Office

As we continue to move toward normal, we see more fulltime office staff attending remote proceedings and as well as an increase in hybrid remote depositions. These matters have become a mainstream remote practice; office complications such as increased security, on-site vpn usage, and untested conference room configurations can throw a wrench into a standard remote proceeding. Bring aware of firewalls and testing your setup can overcome these “return to the office” hurdles.

Firewalls and Whitelisting

Remote workflows and an increase in cyber-attacks have dramatically increased corporate security practices. With substantial in-office monitoring, an unrecognized video stream may be automatically throttled or cut off by your corporate firewall. This is something that many technologies like Zoom have already had to go through in early 2020. Firewall issues can be easily overcome, in many instances it takes longer to write an IT team an email than it does for them to whitelist a platform. We alwyas recommend frontrunning new technology by your internal IT team to ensure that their questions are answered, and your proceeding can continue, uninterrupted. 

Password. Computer security or safety concept Remote Deposition

Test to Ensure Success

Scheduling a demo, logging onto a matter early, or having a paralegal/legal assistant test your configuration are all ways to ensure that you are professionally prepared to go on the record. We would also highly recommend that the witness be prepared with the proper equipment. If they are attending from a corporate office having their IT team join an example session can ensure no day of complications. 

The vTestify Customer Success and Support teams are available for testing and platform related questions. In one of our next blogs our team will cover Hybrid-remote deposition best practices and configuration types.


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