The Case Dashboard

As a true court reporting partner, vTestify understands the importance of creating a workflow that mirrors our clients as closely as possible.  Simplifying the scheduling piece is integral to the overall process, and one of our newest features does just that.  The Case Dashboard was created for the purpose of grouping depositions all under one case.  By clicking the “Cases” option on the left of your vTestify dashboard, all your created cases will be listed together.  Locate the case you are looking for then click “View Details” to the right to display all the depositions created using this feature on one webpage.  This organization system makes it much easier on the eyes to navigate through scheduled depositions, much like the court reporting software our partners depend on. 

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Picture of Andre Rojas

Andre Rojas

Andre Rojas is the Director of Virtual Solutions at vTestify. He brings his 14 years of experience in the court reporting field and is responsible for maintaining operational excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.