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Depositions are recorded in many ways for various purposes, some are just recorded by the stenographer in the transcript others are recorded for just audio, and others need a full video recording with timestamp. vTestify understands that each deposition is unique and needs to be tailored to the needs of the litigation team. That is why we have created the latest version of our recording options, no-record mode.

vTestify focuses on the needs of our customers. No-record mode was requested by our partners and their customers to have a way to show that nothing was being recorded to avoid objections. Being able to show that the court reporter is taking down the testimony and being able to utilize the various features in the platform is also important. With that in mind we continued with our ability to have every room customized and with features that can be turned on or off while the no-record mode is active.

The vTestify platform allows for many variations of recording, such as video recording that includes an Audio MP3 recording with built in timestamp that is automatically set to the witness time, Audio only recording that generates an MP3 file, and ScriptSync which is a smart assistant to the court reporter and allows for the elimination of crosstalk and quick review of troublesome Audio that can occur for several reasons.

deposition no record mode
Anthony Hadad

Anthony Hadad

Anthony brings over 6 years of customer support experience, along with a background in IT, Web Design, Graphic Design, and beta testing to the team.


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