vTestify's "First Mile" Experience

For a witness being deposed, an opposing counsel joining a deposition on a new platform, or a taking attorney preparing/uploading exhibits ease of use is key. A complex platform or process will take a highly sensitive or stressful situation to a breaking point easily. 

The vTestify “First Mile” is a combination of people, processes, and design, built to streamline attorney, witness, and attendee deposition experience. By leveraging an optimized joining path, an experienced Customer Success team, and an advanced support network vTestify ensures that your deposition starts on time and that your attorneys have the tools and knowledge that they need.

Joining a Deposition

Joining a remote deposition or proceeding should be fast and simple; unfortunately, there may be multiple hurdles that users need to overcome. The vTestify Product and Development teams have mapped user workflows and provided multiple paths for a user to participate in a proceeding remotely. 

Sharable Link – Like the name suggests the sharable link was designed to facilitate deposition joining by allowing those with or without an account to click and join a secure proceeding. Users attending via sharable link may utilize or create a vTestify account to join a proceeding and access their post-deposition assets. They may also “Join as Guest” allowing a temporary account to be made. The sharable link is highly secure and allows the Court Reporting Agency to control access to the deposition.

Request to Join – For proceedings utilizing a direct invitation process rather than the sharable link, the “Request to Join” feature allows for those not directly invited, think co-counsel or a unnamed witness, to request permission from the Court Reporting Agency to join a scheduled session. This is done by simply forwarding your direct invitation to the party you wish to include. 

Web App and iOS app – Being platform agnostic is a key component of the First Mile experience. vTestify supports your device whether you are on a Mac, Chromebook, iPad, Android device, or Windows computer (to name a few). iOS devices have a specialized app, the vTestify Connect App (read more here) that streamlines the mobile experience. All other users may utilize the web app for a smooth and feature rich deposition.

Precall Room – Checking your webcam, microphone, and speakers, while also testing your connection is done from the Precall room in less than 30 seconds. By showing you your videos and providing easy access to a webcam and microphone switcher this pre deposition room ensures that you join your proceeding in a professional manner with high quality audio and video while also identifying any connection issues ahead of time. This allows the Customer Success and Support teams to resolve any questions or complications easily.

Customer Success

From Demoing potential clients to joining live depositions and proceedings early to support and assist users, the Customer Success team is dedicated to helping your remote matters go off without a hitch. This team of highly skilled individuals has support, marketing, court reporting, and platform experience. Whether you have an attorney who has a quick question about exhibit management or a witness who needs assistance with their camera or mic the Customer Success team is there to address their needs live.

Advanced Support

While there are many deposition tools available, vTestify’s advanced Support team is second to none. Users have extensively trained professionals a phone call away who utilize advanced logging and review tools to identify and resolve a problem in minutes. With a track record of 90% of calls being resolved in less than 10 minutes you can count on our advanced support to minimize any delays to your proceedings. 

Your first experience on a built for legal platform should be smooth sailing; the vTestify First Mile experience ensures that smooth start. Please let us know if your clients would benefit from this platform by Requesting a Demo or if you are looking for a Court Reporter using the latest remote testimony platform, vTestify, take a look at our Court Reporting Service Partners Page

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