Creating a Case

We recently introduced our readers to the vTestify Case Dashboard, our newest feature that changes the way you schedule depositions on the platform.  Now let’s dive in to step one to use this exciting feature, creating a case.  First, click on the “Cases” option to the left of your vTestify Dashboard.  This will take you directly to the Case Dashboard, where all your created cases will be listed.  Next, click the orange button at the top of the page labeled “New Case”.  From here, simply type in your case name, select the organization in the dropdown menu below, and click “Next” to finish creating your case.  That’s it, your new case is ready, and you can start adding new depositions that will be grouped together on the next page.

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Picture of Andre Rojas

Andre Rojas

Andre Rojas is the Director of Virtual Solutions at vTestify. He brings his 14 years of experience in the court reporting field and is responsible for maintaining operational excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.