Troubleshooting & When to Contact Support

There is nothing worse than running into technical difficulties before or during your deposition. We recognize how inconvenient it can be when technology does not work in the way you expect it to. For that reason, we have implemented two levels of assistance available to every user of the vTestify platform. For each deposition, vTestify offers a member of our Customer Success Team to be available to assist with kickoff. This team member will assist with basic troubleshooting and ensure that the deposition is off to a strong start.

If a team member is not present for the deposition or it is a more complex technical issue, we also have a team of US-based, in-house support professionals ready to assist. The resolution time for calls to our Support Team averages less than 10 minutes with many issues getting resolved much sooner. When in doubt, reach out to support; There is no problem too big or too small to give them a call.

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Ashley Springer

Ashley Springer

Ashley has over 6 years of customer service and court reporting experience. She has worked with court reporting firms and top litigators both nationally and internationally.