Assigning a Witness

As a built for legal platform, vTestify recognizes the importance the role of a witness plays in a deposition. For that reason, we have implemented a witness role within the platform. When you assign a participant as a witness, they are automatically pinned to the top of the video screen. This allows them to be the focal point of the deposition. Additionally, their video is prioritized for high-quality video capture allowing the best quality video possible. Moving a participant into the witness role also automatically applies a timestamp to their video and sets their video to be recorded. Both of these can be turned off if you do not wish to utilize them for the deposition.

In a perfect world, the scheduling team has the witness’ information and they are able to directly invite them and assign their role prior to the deposition. Realistically, though, it is more likely that the witness will receive their link via a deposition notice or an email forwarded from their attorney. That is not an issue on the vTestify platform. Once the witness joins the deposition, they will then appear on the attendee list and can be moved into the witness role.

To move a witness into their role from the deposition room, the host or co-host will access the Context Menu using the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the video panel. From there, they will select the option, ‘Edit Deposition.’ Clicking ‘Edit Deposition’ will bring them to the deposition details page. Once on that page you can quickly find the user you need to switch into the witness role and click the pencil icon to the right of their name. This will pop up that individual’s information and you can switch them from the default counsel role into the witness role. Once you click save, you can go back into the deposition room, and you will see the witness has been pinned to the top and the timestamp applied.


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