Utilizing a Sharable Link

The sharable link is a secure, sharable link can be created and circulated to the parties in place of or in conjunction with the “Add Attendee” feature. It also enables the “Join as Guest” feature, which allows parties to attend this specific proceeding without the need to create an account; there are some limitations for individuals who do not have an account.

The sharable link may be deactivated, however, once deactivated only a new link may be created. It should be noted that the old link is permanently deactivated. 

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Modern Videographer

Going on the Record

“We are now on the record and recording” – Once the proceeding is ready to begin, the host or co-host is responsible for starting the deposition and taking it “On the Record”.

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Assigning a Witness

As a built for legal platform, vTestify recognizes the importance the role of a witness plays in a deposition. For that reason, we have implemented a…

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