Exhibit Management

Pre-Stamping Exhibits

Pre-Stamping Exhibits vTestify’s in-room exhibit stamping tool has been labeled a “gamechanger” by many of our users.  Not having to worry about marking exhibits post-proceeding has created a better workflow, saving time and resources to our partners.  However, our team is always looking to innovate and make the litigation process easier for remote and hybrid …

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deposition no record mode

No Recording Mode

No Recording Mode Depositions are recorded in many ways for various purposes, some are just recorded by the stenographer in the transcript others are recorded for just audio, and others need a full video recording with timestamp. vTestify understands that each deposition is unique and needs to be tailored to the needs of the litigation …

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Shareable Link

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Shareable Link: Created with Scheduling Teams in Mind Scheduling teams can face many obstacles when trying to organize a remote proceeding. The biggest difficulty can often be obtaining email addresses for opposing counsel and for witnesses. vTestify has developed a shareable link that schedulers can send …

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deposition smart assistant

vTestify ScriptSync: The Smart Assistant

vTestify ScriptSync: The Smart Assistant Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin ASR is a controversial term in the court reporting industry.  While speech-to-text technology has been viewed as a way to replace court reporters, vTestfy’s ScriptSync was produced with the court reporter in mind.  Viewed as the in-room smart assistant, ScriptSync takes …

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vTestify Platform Video

vTestify Platform Video Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin High quality, easy to use remote video tools have become a staple in virtual proceedings. With attorney’s and court reporters needing to focus on the proceeding, not the technology, vTestify makes attending these matters simple.  Some features that differentiate vTestify from generic video …

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Leveraging Digital Exhibits

Leveraging Digital Exhibits Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin   As depositions have moved to a mostly remote format, exhibits have become even more crucial to the litigation process. Exhibits can play a vital role within a deposition and can be utilized for authentication, impeachment, or exploration purposes. These exhibits can be …

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Built-in MP3 Audio

Built-in MP3 Audio One of the most important parts of remote depositions is the audio itself. The vTestify platform records high-definition audio, with server side noise suppression so the audio is of the best quality possible. The platform also generates an MP3 version of the recording once the proceeding has been ended, this removes the …

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