vTestify ScriptSync: The Smart Assistant

ASR is a controversial term in the court reporting industry.  While speech-to-text technology has been viewed as a way to replace court reporters, vTestfy’s ScriptSync was produced with the court reporter in mind.  Viewed as the in-room smart assistant, ScriptSync takes the power of this technology and puts it into the hands of its users, recording short snippets of audio through separate audio channels known as speech diarization.  The transcriptions provide a searchable method for replaying audio files that may have been misheard or lost during cross talk or with background noise.  Being able to replay a specific question or answer during a deposition is a tool many users have labeled a “gamechanger.”

Court reporters can now go back to specific times in the proceeding that may have been difficult to follow and replay them, giving them an additional confidence monitor.  These files are then available to users post-proceeding through our testimony review tool.  (Link Testimony Review Blog)  These tools help ensure that the most important asset in a deposition, the written record, remains as accurate as possible. 

deposition smart assistant
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Andre Rojas

Andre Rojas is the Director of Virtual Solutions at vTestify. He brings his 14 years of experience in the court reporting field and is responsible for maintaining operational excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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