Ending a Deposition

Going on and off the record is a common occurrence in remote depositions; on vTestify, the results of our built-in deposition redundancies are only visible when a deposition is complete or ended.

Ending a proceeding is critical as access to the exhibits shared and stamped on the record can be granted to any deposition participant, only after the proceeding has been ended. In addition, the Testimony Review  feature, powered by vTestify ScriptSync, is only available from the deposition review page, allowing the court reporter to review independent audio segments, assisting with transcript review and reducing inaudible and crosstalk denotations on the final transcript. 

All of this and more was recently covered on our latest platform updates webinar. For a brief overview of our latest features and other platform content, please watch the video and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscriber to our vTestify – YouTube!


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Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Shareable Link: Created with Scheduling Teams in Mind Scheduling teams can face many obstacles when trying to organize a remote proceeding.

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vTestify ScriptSync: The Smart Assistant

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