Baseball, Legal Tech, and Dogs Too!

It was a “Bark in the Park” day for a matchup between two North Carolina minor league baseball teams. The Durham Bulls were up against the Charlotte Knights, their in-state rival. In this current 2018 season, the Bulls have been 3-4 against the Knights and were definitely looking to improve on this record. It was my (“Jerome the Intern” speaking here) first ever baseball game and I was looking forward to an exciting match filled with runs, great catches, hot dogs, popcorn and of course networking. vTestify hosted the event in a private suite and was joined by The Noble Law firm.

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric. From cheering fans in the stands to barking dogs around the stadium grounds, it was hard to tell who was more excited for this match-up. As the game progressed, however, the Bulls were challenged by the outstanding pitching from the Knights and the score remained scoreless. That was until the Bulls became complacent in their own pitching and allowed the Knights to score one run. In the final innings the team mascot, Wool E. Bull was seen frantically beating a drum and singing chants, trying to encourage the fans to cheer the bulls on. Much to our surprise, our friendly neighborhood hero Spiderman was spotted also joining Wool E. Bull on his quest for team spirit. But alas, the Bulls failed to capitalize in the last innings and suffered a 1-0 defeat.

Despite the saddening defeat, the event did hold some positive outcomes in being a good opportunity to interact and converse with representatives from The Noble Law while enjoying the food and drinks the stadium had to offer. It was also a pleasant sight walking around the stadium venue, checking out all the different dogs that were present at the game. We even managed to win some goodies for our CPO ( Chief Puppy Officer). All in all, the baseball game was a great experience for me and I’ll be looking forward to attending another one. Go Bulls!

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