vTestify, The Cowen Group, and a Room Full of Legal Innovators

Recently vTestify had the honor of sponsoring and attending a dinner hosted by David Cowen and The Cowen Group in New York City. Invited guests included General Counsel, Chief Innovation Officers, and Legal Entrepreneurs who spent the evening exchanging ideas about legal technology, process improvements, and leadership in the legal industry.

Our CEO, Mike Hewitt was in attendance and had this to say: “Participating in this exchange of ideas with some of the foremost leading legal innovators is always a valuable and exciting time. David and his team are fantastic at creating an engaging dialogue that continues to drive legal technology innovation. We look forward to continuing the conversation”

David Cowen summarizes his thoughts on his LinkedIn page, which is summarized below.

The top takeaways from the evening:

– Corporate counsel overwhelmingly wants their outside counsel to co-create and drive innovative ideas and make increasingly significant investments in people, process and technology that drive innovation and increased value.

– We are at the beginning of the beginning of moving away from the simple business model of build it or buy it and enthusiastically moving towards a new model of “Co-Creation”. Co-creation requires a super team of five specific people with clear roles and outcomes to advance the objectives (more on this in a separate blog).

– The leadership of a multi-generational workforce is a challenge and nobody is particularly winning. LOL

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