The Future of Law – NC Bar Association Annual Meeting

vTestify is excited to be a sponsor of the North Carolina Annual Bar Meeting this week.  We are extremely excited by the theme of this year’s annual meeting: ‘The Future of Law’.  What could be a better theme for vTestify than the future of law?  It is as if that theme was created specifically for us.  As you know (because we say it often), vTestify is “The Future of Testimony”.  We believe this wholeheartedly, and we have heard similar expressions from many high-powered AM LAW firms as well as the all-important local and regional law firms as well.  Testimony gathering is going to have to change, and vTestify is leading that charge.

Just read what Laura Noble, of The Noble Law Firm, had to say:

“Last year I was in an arbitration proceeding with a large company that had key employees working in India. Before I discovered vTestify I was faced with a terrible choice: incur thousands of dollars in expenses to obtain depositions of witnesses in India or forego key witness testimony. Thankfully, I found vTestify, and my problem was solved. We conducted three remote depositions that included the introduction of over 50 documents. At the end of each deposition, we quickly received a transcript and videotape of the deposition. Regarding efficiency and cost-savings, I know of no other system that can compare with vTestify.”

vTestify took what was a difficult decision for Laura Noble’s team and made it a non-issue.  We have been doing this for law firms all across the country and look forward to helping you ‘upgrade’ your testimony gathering capabilities.

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