Evolve Law Darwin Talks – Durham

vTestify joined forces tonight with Evolve Law, a community of legal technology companies and catalyst for legal innovation, to present a new edition of their ongoing series of Darwin Talks. A panel of innovators and experts came together to present in five minutes their thought-provoking opinions on how technology is disrupting the legal world.

After filling up on craft beer and Chirba Chirba Chinese dumplings (a Raleigh, North Carolina food truck favorite), our crowd of legal innovators sat for the following presentations:

Jeff Ward, Duke Law – Why we need AI and AI needs us.

Camille Stell, Lawyers Mutual NC – Can Data Save Law Firms?

Paul Rummel, Vijilent – Is machine learning discriminatory?

Eric Sanchez, Upcycle Legal – Pioneer or Perish

Bill O’Boyle, North State Consulting – State of Legal Tech

Building a community of legal innovators positively reinforces the legitimacy of budding technologies. In a space that is slow to adopt meaningful change, events such as these represent a grassroots effort to challenge the status quo.

“Evolve Law was founded by co-conspirators Mary Juetten of Traklight and Jules Miller formerly of Hire an Esquire. As legal tech entrepreneurs, they saw innovation happening in every other sector and the legal industry being left behind. They realized that they had a bigger impact together and that the legal industry is unlikely to be “disrupted” at a rapid pace — it is more likely to evolve. The original goal was to encourage greater collaboration among entrepreneurs to move the industry forward together.  At first, this meant bringing together legal tech companies, attorneys, in-house counsel, entrepreneurs, and law schools for events centered around product demos, education, and discussion around the future of law. The movement continues to grow and the evolution of law moves faster with every new member of the community.”

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