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InsureTech Connect Conference Las Vegas 2017

The InsureTech (Insurance Technology) Connect Conference was a point of reflection for our team, as we flew into Las Vegas during the worst mass shooting by an individual in the history of the United States. The Uber ride from the airport to our hotel was stopped at Tropicana Avenue where we witnessed hundreds of concertgoers rapidly fleeing the scene, the whirring sound of gunshots in the distance. While we were grateful to not have been in the line of fire, the proximity and timing of this tragedy weighed heavily in our minds throughout this conference. Our thoughts and condolences are with all those who were affected.

InsureTech proved to be a tremendous opportunity to formally introduce vTestify to the insurance industry. Outpacing LegalTech, InsureTech has seen nearly $5 Billion invested into this start-up space, with disruptive changes altering the ecosystem of “old-world” insurance industries. Being naturally involved in many litigation matters, vTestify’s virtual deposition platform represents a tremendous cost savings solution for an industry hungry for ways to lower extraneous expenses.

Beyond cost savings from traditional depositions, the contacts we made were highly interested in vTestify’s ScriptSync feature as a means of collecting, storing, and referring to secure statements.  With our creative adoption of speech-to-text technology, a running transcript appears that allows you to reference back to client statements while the recording is ongoing. Then, after your recording is finished, you’re able to view the machine transcript with a button that takes you to exactly that point in the video. This represents not only a significant productivity booster, but also a means to help fight fraud by quickly analyzing discrepancies from both insureds and claimants.

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