LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator Program Acceptance

vTestify is ecstatic to announce that we’ve been accepted into the second class of LexisNexis’ Legal Tech Accelerator program of 2017. After a thorough selection process among over 50 competing companies, vTestify was one of seven companies accepted into this prestigious program.

“The program is based in the Menlo Park, CA offices of Lex Machina™ and for the first time, at the Raleigh Technolgy Center for LexisNexis on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University. The Legal Tech Accelerator program leverages deep expertise in legal, technology, startup domains, and industry-leading market positions of LexisNexis and Lex Machina to guide and mentor program members. Participants receive hands-on mentoring, enjoy access to cutting-edge tools technologies and data, and are given use of a workspace within an award-winning legal tech startup in Silicon Valley for up to three months for three employees.”

Over the course of the next 12 weeks we’ll receive a world class education from industry leaders on a broad array of topics including: UI/UX, marketing, fundraising tools, selling into law firms/ corporate legal departments, pitch presentation training, development team management, go to market strategies, and customer success.

Most significantly, we consider the potential to foster a great relationship with LexisNexis and Lex Machina incredibly valuable. Industry confidence and recognition from this program is humbling and reinforces the potential for vTestify’s disruptive solution.



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