vTestify’s Access to Justice Initiative

vTestify is proud to announce our Access to Justice Initiative.

By partnering with Pro Bono groups, Legal Aid providers, and Law Clinics across the country we are leveraging remote video testimony to reduce costs for client intake & onboarding, witness statements, and, of course, depositions; Ultimately helping to increase access to justice.

As part of the deployment of this new initiative; vTestify’s CEO, Michael Hewitt, and Director of Business Development, Ray Hadad, met with the leadership of multiple North Carolina legal aid resources at ‘The New Face of Pro Bono’ event hosted by the LMA. This luncheon brought together law firm representatives, thought leaders, along with the following speakers:

  • North Carolina Bar Foundation Senior Director, Kim Bart Mullikin
  • Nihad Mansour, NCBF pro bono staff attorney, and coordinator of N.C. Free Legal Answers
  • Sylvia K. Novinsky, Director of the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center
  • Jared Smith, programming and engagement associate of the North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission

With substantial interest in North Carolina as well as continued adoption across the country, vTestify is positioned as a disruptive force for legal aid providers. Lowering discovery costs, allowing each dollar to be stretched further, and eliminating unnecessary travel has already proven to be necessary to continue to meet the demand of those in need.

Check out our “vTestify Access To Justice” flyer.

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