Offering $100K to Convince Partners to Use Tech

With sixteen offices and over 750 attorneys on staff, it’s no wonder that this firm is the 44th seat on the AmLaw 200 list. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) is a well know name in Silicon Valley, and for good reason; They are known to use the latest and greatest legal tech tools. Unfortunately, even when a firm like this has these tools at their disposal that does not mean that they will be adopted or used. WSGR’s statement below demonstrates the lengths a firm like this will go to promote the adoption of new technologies.

TLDR: WSGR is motivating its staff with $100k of travel awards to promote legal tech and tools to its attorneys; Whichever groups meet their adoption goals get a cut of the total prize.

This problem with slow adoption is across the board, from solo/duo’s all the way up to the world’s top law firms. This slow to adopt mentality stems more from law practice and precedence than it does from a disdain for technology. Attorneys were one of the fastest groups of professionals to adopt the mobile phone, demonstrating that it is more about how a technology can meet their needs than improve firm efficiency.

We specifically designed the vTestify platform to meet an attorney’s needs while improving their practice. Nobody likes waiting for a deposition, whether you’re waiting to catch a plane or waiting for your court reporter to show.

vTestify reduces the need for travel (your clients will appreciate that). Fill out our Contact Us form here to request a demo or call us at (866) 845-1181 for more information.