How does vTestify Ensure Witness Safety?

While chatting with a few attornies at a law firm Christmas party one of them took me aside to talk about security. After sharing her story and her unique perspective on the use of remote testimony, I was taken aback.

Now this attorney, she wasn’t talking about data security. The security that she spoke of struck close to home because she was talking about her witness’ physical safety. Being a thought leader in the Triangle area as well as a champion for those affected by domestic violence, she gave me an entirely new perspective on the value of remote testimony in this space. Just the act of going to a deposition or giving a statement could potentially lead unwanted company to your witness’ location, especially if said witness is in a shelter or another safe location. The ability to utilize remote testimony, not only to reduce deposition costs but also to keep your witness safe during litigation, is crucial.

The use of this technology in family law for divorces and domestic violence matters is so critical that I have been asked to present to our local family law group. vTestify helps to keep clients safe before trial when they are most vulnerable.

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—Ray Hadad

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