A Day in the Life of the Office Dog

This weeks vTestify employee spotlight is Luna, our very own CPO (Chief Puppy Officer). The role of CPO holds many responsibilities that are critical to the success of our company.

The job description is as follows:

  • Chase after the laser light as fast as puppy legs allow.
  • Give crisp high-fives in return for treats.

  • Provide random hugs to stressed out employees.
  • Check the door anytime someone knocks to prevent suspicious people from entering the premises.
  • Carefully observe every bite of food being eaten by other employees to ensure not even a crumb is left on the ground, preventing ant and other insect invasions.

  • Chase away birds that wantonly fly around in front of our window.
  • Sleep minimally 4 of the 8 average working hours.

With these descriptions in mind, Luna’s annual performance review for 2017 found that she exceeded expectations in every category. She has expressed that more time be allocated from other team members for belly scratches and a raise in the number of daily treats.

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