Requesting to Join a Virtual Proceeding

Joining a virtual proceeding can be a pain point for many who are new to remote depositions, and sometimes even those who have been doing it for years. Between invites, account creation, and forwarding links to associates there can be many points of failure. vTestify set out to ease the pain of joining a remote proceeding, by essentially making every link sent out sharable. Security is maintained in the deposition room by giving the host or co-host of the proceeding the ability to grant or deny access to individuals that were not directly invited and not sent the sharable link.

The request to join feature is only seen when someone is forwarded a direct invite that was intended for another person. The link itself is unique to the first individual that was directly invited, but others may need access as well. The person who was forwarded the link will be brough to a page for login, then directed to a page that asks if you want to request access. By selecting that they do want to request access, the host or co-host will see a notification at the top of the page allowing them to grant or deny access. This allows the user to get access, but also maintains the security of the room and doesn’t allow anyone to access that shouldn’t have access.

virtual proceeding request to join
Anthony Hadad

Anthony Hadad

Anthony brings over 6 years of customer support experience, along with a background in IT, Web Design, Graphic Design, and beta testing to the team.

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