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Invest in Yourself; Dentons’ Buys Thousands of Laptops

Are you willing to further advance your career by investing in yourself? The world’s largest law firm by headcount, with over 10,000 lawyers, has made the move to remote work; Joe Andrew, global chair at Dentons stated that the firm:

“Invested in between 3,000 to 5,000 laptops and other full-access kits to bring everyone online”.

Joe Andrew, global chairman – Oct. 29th interview with Meganne Tillay

As the legal industry grows accustomed to the new remote age and courts increasingly rule for remote hearings and depositions; how does the modern attorney maintain their standards of professionalism? Acting as a zealous advocate for your client means that your professional appearance is increasingly reliant upon the technology that you leverage in your practice. Modern computers now have more sophisticated microphone arrays, higher resolution cameras, and these items are the bare minimum for professional appearances in remote settings.

Invest in yourself as technology is an essential asset now more than ever. It is of utmost importance that attorneys utilize modern devices not only for a professional appearance but also to ensure client data security. If you are on an older device now is the time to consider an upgrade. Make certain that you have a router that can handle and prioritize your web traffic. If you believe that your internet may be subpar, check to see what providers are available in your area. Lastly, if your witness is attending a deposition, confirm that they have access to high-quality devices and internet. We always recommend having you and your witness test the video quality and connection prior to any remote matter in order to guarantee a successful experience.

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