Celebrate Pro Bono

Celebrating the 10th year of Pro Bono Week

This week vTestify is joining the ABA in celebration of Pro Bono work and all those who give their time to Pro Bono and Legal Aid programs. This marks the 10th year of encouraging the support of those in need. Almost every state and hundreds of organizations are launching events and hosting week-long celebrations. However, there are a few states that have gone above and beyond that one-week celebration: Alabama, Michigan, and Tennessee sponsor an entire pro bono month!

Here at vTestify, we have our 24/7, year-round, Access to Justice initiative. This program is designed to provide free and reduced cost discovery services to Pro Bono and Legal Aid organizations. With our testimony platform, we make client onboarding and consultations easier while also eliminating travel and allowing for simple document sharing. On top of that for Arbitrations and Formal Depositions, we reduce our already industry-leading low prices in the pursuit of increasing access to justice.

Instead of Pro Bono clients paying thousands of dollars for court reporter services or being forced to forgo crucial discovery we provide free or reduced cost deposition services. For more information or to sign up for this offering email us at AccessToJustice@vTestify.com or just give us a call.

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