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Synced Video Transcripts

Synced Video Transcripts can make you a more effective litigator. Sophisticated tools such as LexisNexis’ Textmap and Sanction, Ipro’s Trial Director, TrialPad, and OnCue are the new workspaces for modern litigators. With a Synched Video Transcript from your deposition uploaded into these programs, you can search your video, highlight key testimony, and efficiently make clips. You’re able to build a better case against your opponent to settle or present testimony in court.

However, it is very expensive to add professional videography to already costly court reporting services. Videography is often utilized most by wealthy clients who don’t care about the added expense.

It doesn’t need to be costly to have the same benefit as a synced video transcript. Using vTestify for your videography services, even if utilized with a traditional court reporter, can allow you to receive a Synched Video Transcript faster and for significantly less money. We’ll even set up your firm with an LTE enabled Microsoft Surface, omnidirectional USB microphone, and vTestify video all packaged and ready to capture testimony.

Do you have a video deposition and need a Synched Video Transcript? Send us your video and ASCII transcript and we can sync it in any format required for your preferred software. Oftentimes, we can return it to you within the same day. No longer do you need to wait two weeks for a DVD in the mail. vTestify Synched Video Transcripts allow firms of any size to be more effective.

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