Will you be at SOLID West this year?

The Summit On Legal Innovation and Disruption, aka SOLID, is one of the most influential legal events of the year. The Cowen Group has assembled key decision-makers, industry leaders, and innovative technologies in order to actively effect change in the world of law. Check out the link below.

As a sponsor of The Cowen Breakfast at Legal Tech New York (LTNY), we were often asked by those in attendance, “Will vTestify be at SOLID West this year?”

SOLID West includes engaging roundtable discussions, informative TED-style talks, and well over 30 different speakers who are talking on a variety of subjects such as, “Defining the Chief Innovation Officer Role”, “Next-Gen Models for The Business of Law”, and “Why Don’t We Just Measure It (Legal Dept Performance)?”.  With SOLID West being the center of the legal technology and innovation world during the month of March, vTestify is proud to say we are a sponsor of SOLID West.

So, in response to all those who asked us if we would be attending SOLID West this year – the answer is YES.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Be on the lookout for Mike Hewitt, our President, and CEO.  He will be there telling our story about how much of an impact our vTestify platform can have on both in-house counsels as well as law firms of all sizes.  If you have a chance to talk to Mike, be sure to ask him about how our product would have helped ‘My Cousin Vinny’!

vTestify is the sponsor of the Cocktail Reception, so ‘have a drink on us’ after the incredibly informative day of discussing the world’s legal technology issues and solutions.

Let us know if you will be at this year’s SOLID West event – or if you are planning to attend SOLID in New York later this year.


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