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Court reporting firm Goucher Parker Spivey LLC deploys vTestify

GPS LLC deploys vTestify for remote depositions in multijurisdictional asbestos lawsuits

vTestify announced on Monday, April 6th , 2020 that it provided its purpose-built platform to legal services and court reporting firm Goucher Parker Spivey LLC (GPS). As a result, the firm continues deposition work on time-sensitive asbestos litigation during the COVID-19 pandemic. GPS brands its remote deposition service using the vTestify platform GPSVirtual.

While some courts have delayed hearings, appearances, and depositions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many courts are mandating business as usual, and litigators are scrambling to find viable alternatives. In lawsuits where plaintiffs may be sick and widely dispersed geographically, timely depositions are essential, and the need for a practical and secure remote solution is especially urgent.

Lisa Goucher. Reesa Parker. Melissa Spivey.

Even as pandemic-related restrictions make in-person proceedings impossible, vTestify helped Texas-based GPS move multi-jurisdictional asbestos litigation forward and on schedule with pre-trial depositions, trial depositions and cross-examinations.

The partnership between vTestify and GPS establishes a template for connecting physically dispersed litigants and conducting complex, coast-to-coast litigation in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Just like onsite depositions, proceedings using vTestify’s remote platform can accommodate up to 30 participants, including plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys, a witness, exhibit moderator, and a court reporter to authenticate testimony.

Reesa Parker, co-Founder and president of GPS.

“At GPS, it’s clear to us that GPSVirtual powered by vTestify represents the future of deposition capture,” said Reesa Parker, co-Founder and president of GPS. “Even during these challenging times where in-person proceedings are impossible, we have proven that work can go on as usual in a virtual environment while reducing costs, maintaining revenue streams, restoring lost opportunities and producing deliverables rapidly.”

Reesa Parker, co-Founder and president of GPS