Introducing vTestify DepoSync

vTestify is excited to introduce DepoSync, the easiest way to capture, sync and store your video testimony.

Synced video transcript files offer an incredibly powerful tool for litigation attorneys to efficiently read and review transcripts while seeing the witness respond on video at the same time. Nonverbal facial expressions from video allow you to read in between the Q./A. lines and hear more of the story. Now with vTestify DepoSync, it’s easier than ever to capture video, upload previously captured video and transcripts, and receive the sync files that work with any of the industry leading trial presentation and transcript management platforms.

There are only 3 easy steps to get your sync files.

First, start by creating a DepoSync account so you’re able to track sync progress, and access the secure upload and download links.

Second, you will be contacted by a DepoSync Specialist to set up a secure and dedicated upload link using DropBox. Your dedicated upload link can be shared with your court reporter or anyone else who may be hosting your video files. It may take a few minutes to upload large video files.

Your DepoSync specialist will also confirm the software program you are using to ensure we are delivering the desired file types. Once we have you set up and ready to go, you’ll be able to process sync orders for future files using only the DepoSync system.

Lastly, within 3 business days, you’ll receive a notification that your DepoSync file is completed and ready to be downloaded. Save your sync file to your computer in a location you can find again later, then upload it into your trial presentation or transcript management software.

Your DepoSync specialist will walk you through the steps if there are any questions or concerns.


Capture with vTestify

While DepoSync offers a great solution to sync deposition video and transcripts that have already been completed, vTestify capture makes it easier and more affordable to capture video at all of your upcoming depositions. After the deposition is completed and you’ve received the ASCII transcript from your court reporter, we’ll automatically create your sync files, no video upload required. In most states, you would simply update your notice of deposition with language about videotaping the proceeding. Our team of specialists will help you set up the hardware and walk you through a few easy steps to record your deposition video.

Capturing your deposition video with vTestify will help you save money and time. Only a small investment into a consumer grade webcam, webcam stand, and omnidirectional microphone will allow you to unlock the tremendous benefit of sync files. Hiring a professional videographer service can nearly double your deposition price tag. vTestify with DepoSync allows you to get the same sync files that usually cost thousands of dollars to produce for half the price.


Supported File Types

LexisNexis® CaseMap® Suite

LexisNexis® TextMap® Evidence File (.xmef)

Sanction™ Transcript Database (.mbd)


Trial Director™ Case File (.cms)

Thomson Reuters

Case Notebook and LiveNote™ (.ptf/ .vid)

LiveNote™ LEF File (.lef)

E-Transcript Bundle file (.ptz)

RealLegal Portable E-Transcript viewer file (.ptx)

Access Data

Summation (.mdb)

OnCue (.xml, .mdb)