Inviting Attendees

Once your proceeding has been scheduled on the vTestify calendar, the next step is to invite all the attendees.  The vTestify platform provides a couple of different ways to get users connected, giving you the flexibility to give your clients a method they are comfortable with using.   

The quickest and easiest way to invite your users to the platform is by using the shareable link.  You can activate the shareable link by clicking on the green “Create Link” button on the far right of the page.  Once you have created the shareable link, you can copy it and forward it to any attendee.  When a user clicks the shareable link, they will have the option to either create an account, login, or join as a guest.   

Joining as a guest is a great way to get onto the platform very quickly.  We suggest using this feature for an attendee that does not need to share exhibits such as witness or non-participating counsel.  A guest account user that does not create and authenticate their account will not be able to share exhibits, so please keep this in mind when distributing the sharable link to your attendees.   

Aside from using the shareable link, attendees can also be directly invited.  To do so, click on the blue “Add Attendee” button on the far left of the page.  You will then be asked to enter the user’s first name, last name, email address, choose their role, and decide whether you want to record their video or give them full access to download exhibits during and post-deposition.  Once complete, click save and the direct invitation will be automatically sent to the user.   

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Andre Rojas

Andre Rojas is the Director of Virtual Solutions at vTestify. He brings his 14 years of experience in the court reporting field and is responsible for maintaining operational excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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