Top 10 vTestify Improvements
2022 Midyear Platform Update

Deposition Joining Improvements

1 Request to Join

Joining a deposition has never been easier or more secure since the deployment of the Request to Join feature. This improvement allows participants to forward their invitation, think co-counsel or witness invitation situations, and that party can easily be added by their reporting agency.

2 Deposition Room Permissions

In some situations, participants may want to join a deposition from a computer without a camera or microphone. Our redesigned precall room with new joining permissions support nearly all attendee configurations; allowing for greater flexibility for remote and hybrid proceedings. 

Exhibit Improvements

3 Case-based Deposition Linking

The latest feature set developed to meet the needs of attorneys and court reporting agencies, the Case Dashboard allows for depositions to be linked and their exhibits copied from completed to pending proceedings; streamlining both the scheduling and deposing processes. 

4 Exhibit Copying

As a component of the above feature set, this improvement allows attorneys to upload once and privately access their exhibits across a case. For every linked and completed deposition, clean copies of the exhibits are automatically available for all future proceedings.

Deposition Room Enhancements

5 Automatic Network Reconnection

With vTestify, if your network momentarily goes down or you experience a switch to mobile data, vTestify keeps you connected with automatic network reconnection protocols built into the platform. Occasional blips in connectivity shouldn’t impact your overall remote experience.

6 On and Off Record Indicator

Videographers and Reporters can easily mark vTestify proceedings on and off the record. This provides visual indicators for all parties that show the status of the job, the total length of time the proceeding has been on the record, and whether there is a video recording, audio backup, or no recording being captured for the current proceeding. 

Remote Deposition

Post-Deposition Review

7 Testimony Review

Once your deposition is complete, accessing assets is key; vTestify provides an additional deliverable in the form of testimony review. vTestify Scriptsync, the smart assistant to the court reporter, captures and transcribes audio segments from each speaker individually. Once the deposition is complete, this is paired with the video to provide search and review functions for the audio and video captures while on the record.

8 Bookmarking

An added improvement to Testimony Review is bookmarking. This allows users to individually mark what was said on the record so that it may be reviewed or played back at a later time. 

iOS and Mobile Upgrades

9 iOS Screen Share Viewing

The vTestify Connect iOS application is constantly evolving with new updates and improvements. The ability to view screenshares is now fully supported for all devices and is a key feature in both remote and hybrid depositions

10 iOS Portrait Mode

While tablet users frequently utilize apps in landscape orientation, iPhone users asked for portrait mode and our team delivered. Mobile attendees now have a seamless experience when using and transitioning between landscape and portrait modes.



Your first experience on a built-for-legal platform should be smooth sailing; vTestify’s Product and Development teams ensure that users have a smooth start on their legal proceedings. Please let us know if your clients would benefit from this platform by Requesting a Demo or if you are looking for a Court Reporter using the latest remote testimony platform, vTestify, take a look at our Court Reporting Service Partners Page

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