vTestify makes virtual legal proceedings easier with powerful, purpose-built  essential features that emulate legal proceeding workflows. By packaging the essential features of a legal proceeding within a focused, built-for-legal platform, court reporting agencies and legal partners can expand their reach. Our simple and intuitive interface accommodates users of all experience levels. This enables you, the legal service provider, to simplify the attorney user experience.

Exhibit Management

vTestify's integrated exhibit management is not only easy to use but provides workflow efficiency to the legal industry

Remote Video Attendance

We take the quality of the video and audio recordings very seriously, with multi-channel audio and video capture that goes above and beyond just recording.

vTestify Connect on iOS

The vTestify Connect iOS application is great for attendees of virtual legal proceedings to attend with their favorite iOS devices.


vTestify has partnered with Stenograph, LLC, the market leader in legal transcription solutions, to provide real-time in the platform.

vTestify ScriptSync

vTestify has a unique speech-to-text tool that is AI driven and offers redundancy and an approximate transcript, but also has isolated channels to help with eliminating the issue of crosstalk.

Sidebar Rooms

vTestify's purpose-built platform includes four secure sidebar rooms by default. These rooms can be locked from the inside and can only be unlocked by the attendees inside the room or the host.

Deposition Asset Access

Having access to the records after the proceeding, and having the tools needed to review all the assets of the proceeding is critical. The platform is detailed and gives all the controls necessary, with an easy to navigate and simple interface.

White Label

Customizable and secure white label options are always available; leveraging your brand, logos, and name to put your company ahead of the competition.

vTestify Videos

Learn more about the platform and features on out YouTube Channel