Chrome Advisory and Security Updates

In the past couple of weeks there has been an uptick in technology disruptions across the web.  Tech giants like AWS, Cloudflare, Zoom have all reported some outages.  And this is likely to continue over the next few weeks.  In fact, as of this morning, Google announced that multiple successful Chrome hacks have been discovered.  Like many of the companies mentioned, Google thankfully has quickly responded with an updated version of Chrome (99.0.4844.51) which will immediately protect against those hacks. 

We would recommend that all of our users update their Chrome browser to the latest version to ensure they have the most secure browser experience available.  In addition, it’s best practice to ensure that the other software you use has the most recent security updates installed.  You should also ensure that your operating systems are able to receive these security updates. Using an operating system that is not able to receive security updates (for instance, using an operfrom the provider leaves that device vulnerable to multiple types of attacks.


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