vTestify Platform Progress in 2021

As we approach the start of a new year, the vTestify product team would like to express gratitude for our clients who have helped us evolve this platform into what it has become today. Since our inception, we’ve been driven by a simple question — “how can we make virtual depositions easier?” With your feedback and shared passion, we’ve made amazing progress towards that goal.

While we have ambitious plans for 2022, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year — and what a year it has been! In this blog we’ll cover the highlights of 2021’s product releases. See the video below for a snapshot of this transformation.

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We’ll start with the most important update of 2021. The updated video experience reimagined how you interact with videos in the deposition room, while remaining intuitive and familiar. It’s now so much easier to navigate the room to meet the needs of your proceeding.

The video windows resize nicely to fit your screen, video controls are conveniently located along the bottom of the screen, and now everyone can see how long the proceeding has been On Record.

Beyond the slick new user interface, we’ve made back-end improvements that create a seamless experience, such as improved audio quality with better noise suppression technology and video quality optimization.

Platform video_scriptopen_laptop

Video Pinning & Pop-Out

platform video3pin_exhibit_annotate_realtimeLaptop1

Being purpose built, it’s our job to understand the challenges attorneys and court reporters experience in the virtual and hybrid environment. Two key pieces of the updated video experience allows for incredible flexibility to customize your video windows.

With video pinning, you can easily prioritize the people in the room you would like to focus on more intently. Every attendee can customize who they want pinned to their own preference.

The second key feature, and our newest, continues to improve on your ability to customize. Pop-out is an amazing tool for attendees who have dual, or triple monitors and want to resize the video windows for specific individuals, such as the witness. Expanding your focus on the witness by popping-out the screen enables attorneys to better observe non-verbal expressions.


After popular demand, we were very excited to release vTestify Connect, our native iOS application for Apple iPhone and iPad. Many attorneys or witnesses may only have access to an iOS device, and now we support the ability to join and participate with a mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile devices are truly optimized for video conferencing, and in 2022 we’ll be releasing many great features on iOS to match the experience from the web application.

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Stenograph has been the leading supplier of productivity tools for the court reporting profession for more than 80 years. vTestify has partnered with Stenograph to integrate the industry leading Realtime platform, CaseViewNet, directly in the deposition room.

We’re all about providing an “all-in-one” experience for your deposition needs. Now, with CaseViewNet integrated into the platform, you get the Realtime experience you know and love within one user interface.

Continue as Guest

Many attendees to a deposition are a party to a matter but are not the one taking or capturing the deposition. As such, they may not want to go through the process of creating an account.
No worries, now with the “Continue as Guest” feature, you may join without the proceeding without any friction.


Behind the scenes, we’ve implemented robust analytics tools that enable truly valuable insights. For enterprise clients, analytics can be a powerful tool to extract data such as how long depositions were On Record, or the average of how long you’ve been On Record.
Analytics can be a tool to help you make early case assessment decisions. Look for more updates on platform analytics next year.

We’re so thrilled to have the opportunity to grow this platform together and wish to reaffirm our dedication to making virtual depositions easier than ever before. Your feedback has been crucial to the rapid improvement of our platform. Next year we plan to conduct even more one on one meetings with each of you to ensure your voice is heard as we continue to deliver cutting edge solutions that meet your needs and the needs of your customer. This was our biggest year ever and we’re looking forward to showing you what we have in store for 2022.

Thank you!